Charity Hanah - Certified Yoga Instructor

Charity Hannah
E-RYT 200

After years of an office job I found myself needing a change. I did not feel satisfied. I found myself depressed and longing to leave work everyday. I left and took a journey to find my passion and purpose. I found so much more than that. Yoga filled needs that I didn't know I had. Yoga healed long since forgotten wounds. I also got in the best shape of my life.
Even after having twins yoga helped me lose the weight and stay active so I could keep up with my boys.

Yoga is not just an exercise. Yoga can be so much more. For me yoga is a lifestyle. I meditate to find peace of mind. I exercise to stay healthy.

So whether you are looking for a great exercise, help with depression, obesity or, diabetes. Yoga can help you. The list of benefits extends to I believe everyone.

I would be happy to help you find out how yoga can benefit you.