Mission Statement

Street Jitsu Mission Statement:
“Our mission is to teach Self-Defense & Fitness to others, giving them the knowledge to defend themselves & live healthy lives.”
Street Jitsu Motto- “Street Smart! Fitness Fun!”
Core Values & Beliefs:
  • Safety First - We provide a safe environment for training and instill that safety is the main priority when learning self-defense.
  • Commitment - We are committed to our team members and clients. We provide opportunity, nurture talent, develop leadership, and reward achievement. We believe that a team of well-trained individuals with a diverse martial arts background is essential to our continued success.
  • Fitness - We incorporate fitness into our lessons and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mental Discipline - We believe that mental strength is equally - if not more important - than physical strength. We encourage self-confidence and determination. We set goals and establish reasonable steps to achieve them.
  • Fun - We enjoy our teammates, clients and community. Creating a harmonious balance of life and safe training is FUN!