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Olympic Boxing

posted Jul 6, 2012, 1:53 PM by Dennis Thomas   [ updated Jul 6, 2012, 1:53 PM by Dennis Thomas ]

The ever-popular men’s Boxing events are joined on the Olympic programme by women’s events for the first time.

Dates: Saturday 28 July – Sunday 12 August

Venue: ExCeL

Competitors: 286 (250 men, 36 women)

Medal events: 13 (10 men’s weight categories; three women’s)

The basics
The 10 men's weight categories range from Light Fly Weight (46-49kg) to Super Heavy Weight (over 91kg). Women’s Boxing features as a full Olympic medal sport for the first time, with medals in three weights: Fly Weight (48-51kg), Light Weight (57-60kg) and Middle Weight (69-75kg).

Men’s bouts take place over three rounds of three minutes each; women’s bouts are four rounds of two minutes. Boxers score points for every punch they land successfully on their opponent’s head or upper body – judged by five judges sitting outside the boxing ring.

If a boxer is knocked to the ground and fails to get up within a count of 10 from the referee, the bout is over. Bouts can also be won or lost due to retirement or disqualification. A referee can also decide to stop the fight at any point if they think a boxer is unfit to continue.

Competition format
The Boxing events are run in a simple elimination format. The men’s weight categories have 16, 26 or 28 boxers competing, depending on the weight. The women start with a draw of 16.

The winners of the two semi-finals in each weight category compete for the gold medal. The losers of the semi-finals are each awarded a bronze.

Did you know?
An Olympic Boxing glove weighs 284 grams (10 ounces). During the Games, competitors will get through 432 pairs of gloves.

More information: International Boxing Association (AIBA)